Charlotte NC Homes For Sale - Charlotte Real Estate Market the greater Charlotte Real Estate Market and consider the factors that impact the value of your home. Learn about Charlotte Suburbs, Charlotte Land values, Charlotte Foreclosures and much more.enCommunityServer 2.1 SP1 (Debug Build: 61019.2)Listing Your Home for Sale: Pocket Listings?, 04 Mar 2014 01:38:00 GMT58b9c248-7d71-4289-bd75-42d12c23cee8:3657290Rick Waite0<p>There is a new trend beginning of something called "Pocket Listings" or "Shadow Listings".  This is a Real Estate trend that is developing in the US.  What is a "Pocket Listing" and how do "Pocket Listings" work?  </p><p><span style="font-size:10pt;">What is occurring is certain Real Estate firms are selling home owners on the idea of a "Pocket Listing" where only their firm and clients of their firm can possibly sell their home for an initial listing period.  The Realtor discounts the commission the seller pays.  Many Realtors are also assuring the home owner that if a neighbor or anyone else that sees the sign and calls them soon after listing their home, the seller will receive a discount in the commission.</span></p><p><span style="font-size:10pt;">Yes, the seller may save a couple thousand in commission.  The sales pitch is that our company has "x" amount of brokers and there is a good chance that our office can have the entire commission instead of splitting the commission with another firm.  But what is the risk?  True market value for a home is determined when the home is properly exposed to the entire market.  The Internet places your home in front of millions of potential home buyers across the city, across the State, across the nation and across the globe.</span></p><p><span style="font-size:10pt;"></span>A HUGE Warning flag for me is when I begin getting investors calling for Pocket Listings or In House Listings within my Real Estate Office.  I have personally received several of these calls over the past couple of months.  What every investor wants is to find a home below market value without competition.  This amounts to home below true market value.  Who would willingly sell their home below true market value?<span style="font-size:10pt;">  </span></p><p>Dear home owner, do you believe you will gain more by saving a couple thousand in commission with a couple dozen agents looking at your home or as in Charlotte, if 9,000 Agents along with the Internet marketing to millions of potential home buyers across the globe get to view your home in person and/or on line?   </p><p>Any product sold without being exposed to the "complete market" is selling you home below market value.  Yes, I believe in the open market place and more eyes that see your home the better.</p><p>Realtors are sales people and many are fantastic at persuading you to do what is in "their" best interest.  It is up to you to decide if you think a fraction of the area Realtors can touch the power of Internet marketing.  Ultimately, the choice is yours.  When selling your largest asset to any one individual, you want as much exposure as possible to assure you receive the top dollar for your home.</p><p>I list <a href="" title="Charlotte homes for Sale"><strong>Charlotte area homes for sale</strong></a>.  I focus on <a href="" title="Ballantyne Homes for Sale"><strong>Ballantyne</strong></a> and <a href="" title="Union County NC Homes for Sale"><strong>Union County</strong></a> but have listings from Cornelius to Clover SC.  If you want a marketing plan that exposes your home to the greatest amount of potential buyers, call <strong>Rick Waite</strong> today at <strong>704.770.6559</strong>.  You hire a Realtor for marketing.  Marketing within an office, not exposing your home to the vast Internet resources, is something that should have been done away with decades ago.  Do yourself a service and consider greater options.</p><img src="" width="1" height="1">charlotte homes for saleMarvin RealtorBallantyne Listing AgentCharlotte Listing AgentWeddington Listing AgentCharlotte Pocket ListingsWaxhaw Listing AgentWeddington Area Homes for Sale and Rent, 28 Feb 2014 00:43:00 GMT58b9c248-7d71-4289-bd75-42d12c23cee8:3654888Rick Waite0<p>The redistricting of schools within Union County is causing a lot of stress and residents are scrambling for quick solutions.  The residents within the Weddington and Cuthbertson Schools are having large changes.  So how will this impact residents and property values?  It is too early to predict the final verdict but there are going to be a lot of shuffling going on.</p><p>I have had several clients contact me this past couple of weeks and making changes to assure they stay within the Weddington School district.  This is not to disparage any of the schools; this is strictly based on phone calls I have received.  Ultimately, a stable environment for your children is a must.  If your child is excelling in a given school, any parent would want that to continue unimpeded.</p><p>So what do you do?  Life is full of options.  Many people will want to sell and buy another home and others will simply decide to rent out their current home and rent a home where they want their children to attend.  There are certain Realtors who work rental properties.  The Rental market is a separate niche market that I am not familiar.  I do have a past client that has a <a href="" title="Rental Home in Brookhaven" target="_blank"><strong>Rental Home in Weddington</strong></a> within the Brookhaven subdivision.  Brookhaven is an incredible subdivision!  The homes are large, the amenity center resembles a country club and is an incredible environment to raise a family!  Brookhaven is currently within the Weddington School district and is within the Weddington School District with the new districting maps also.</p><p> Weddington is an incredible place to call "home".  Yes, there is still al to of open land in Weddington but most of it is in process of being developed (or owned by developers).  The demand for <a href="" title="Weddington Homes for Sale"><strong>Weddington Homes for Sale</strong></a> will remain strong </p><p> </p><img src="" width="1" height="1">Weddington Real EstateWeddington Homes for SaleWeddingtonWeddington SchoolsUnion County Schools Redrawing District Lines, 22 Feb 2014 00:13:00 GMT58b9c248-7d71-4289-bd75-42d12c23cee8:3650631Rick Waite0<p>Union County NC is adjusting to growing pains.  The northwestern section of Union County has grown tremendously over the past 10 years.  We had thousands of young families relocate to Union County and the population boom continues!  This includes Weddington, Marvin, Waxhaw, Wesley Chapel and Indian Trail.  Why?  Low Property taxes, convenience to South Charlotte/Ballantyne and largely because of our great schools!  </p><p>During the national recession, the pace of building slowed although there were and are once again many plans for new homes and subdivisions.  The population boom from 2004 through 2008 dramatically increased our population and continues to strain our school system.  So how did we get here?</p><p>Before 2006, we Northwest Union County had Weddington High School and Sun Valley High School.  We were in the midst of a population explosion (one of the fastest growing Counties in the nation) and school expansion was in work.  The <a href="" title="Weddington Real Estate"><strong>Weddington</strong></a> and Wesley Chapel areas are experiencing the largest impact in the redistricting.</p><p>How did we get here.  Union County has been working to absorb the influx on students over the past decade.  In 2006/07, Marvin Ridge High School opened to help handle this increased demand.  In 2009/10 Cuthbertson High School opened and all was well.  The school district established lines to accommodate all of the students.  </p><p>The challenge was many new families that recently relocated were still having children and the children were not yet of school age.  The kids are now of school age and adjustments are being made to assure classrooms will not be over crowded.  So what is the best solution?  Mobile classrooms for a temporary fix?  This is very popular with many residents which is understandable.  The challenge is the problem of overcrowding is permanent which would indicate a more permanent plan needs to be implemented.</p><p><font size="2">There is no way to change district lines without impacting lives.  Parkwood High School serves Waxhaw and southwest Union County which still has a lot of rural communities.  Sun valley High School is to the east of Weddington and also has extra capacity.  These schools will be gaining students from the over crowded schools.  When relocating to a rapidly expanding area, this can be expected but no one wants to add instability to their child's life; </font>especially<font size="2"> a child that was recently relocated hundreds of miles and was adjusting well.</font><span style="font-size:10pt;"> </span></p><p>The stability of all of the children within our community is essential.  Yes, we must accept reality that there is a reason everyone is relocating to Weddington, <a href="" title="Marvin Real Estate"><strong>Marvin</strong></a> and Waxhaw.  We are conveniently located, great schools and low property taxes.  As <a href="" title="Ballantyne Real Estate"><strong>Ballantyne</strong></a> and South Charlotte continue to increase in density, so will Union County and the positive growth will continue throughout Union County.</p><img src="" width="1" height="1">Waxhaw Real EstateUnion County NC Homesmarvin real estateWaxhaw Homes for SaleWeddington Real EstateWeddington Homes for SaleWesley Chapel Real EstateUnion CountyWesley Chapel Homes for SaleMarvin Homes for SaleUnion County redistrictingWeddington SchoolsUnion County SchoolsWhy does a Realtor not call after I register?, 17 Feb 2014 17:41:00 GMT58b9c248-7d71-4289-bd75-42d12c23cee8:3647614Rick Waite0<p>This is a common complaint from potential home buyers/sellers.  Why Doesn't a Realtor Call After You Register?  Why have you register in the first place?  Why is the search not "free"?  These are questions many buyers/sellers encounter daily and are frustrated.  There are reasons.</p><p>For an effective website, it takes $1,000's of dollars every year to maintaining a website.  It takes a lot of time and money so that you can see my website as opposed to the millions of other sites.  Websites are marketing tools so you, the consumer, can actually find "me" out on 9000+ Realtors in the greater Charlotte Real Estate market.  When you spend so much on marketing, you need to have a way of recovering your investment.</p><p>If Realtors spend so much money, why do they not call?  Many people will register as they begin considering a Charlotte relocation.  In truth, most are still in the evaluating phase and on a fact finding mission.  They are not ready to speak with a Realtor yet.  Looking at potential homes is often the first step and the potential client learns about what is important to them.  This could be convenience for work, schools, property taxes, types of homes, religious organizations, shopping, etc..  You need space and time.  I respect that.</p><p> There are a lot of National real estate websites and they also have you register.  Ultimately, they sell your information to random Realtors who agree to pay them in advance for potential home buyers/sellers.  Registering for these sites is more like a wildcard; your never know who you get.</p><p>I work with Prostead Realty and have been a full time Realtor for 8+ years.  I have learned that years in any profession alone does not constitute wisdom or learning.  As you read on in my blogs or my website (all written by me), that I am passionate about Real Estate.  It is imperative to find the right home in the right location.  I am here to help.</p><img src="" width="1" height="1">BallantyneRegistering for a home searchSouth Charlotte RealtorWeddingtonMarvinReal Estate websiteslocating a great Realtor in the Charlotte areaWaxhaw RealtorCharlotte Snowfall!, 29 Jan 2014 22:02:00 GMT58b9c248-7d71-4289-bd75-42d12c23cee8:3635028Rick Waite0<p>First, when assessing an area, everything is relative.  Charlotte has many residents from across the nation and across the globe.  When consider Charlotte fro a home, weather is always a large factor.  Yesterday, January 28th, we had our first (and likely only) snowfall this winter.  The new channels spoke about it for days and continue to follow the story.  Perspective:  I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA.  We had several hours of snow flurries and in South Charlotte, the snow accumulated to about 1 inch.  Many would term that as a "dusting".  </p><p>Charlotte enjoys four seasons and leaves change in the fall,  Our winters are very mild.  Yes, we typically get 1 snowfall (or an Ice Storm on a more rare occasion) once a year. If you like the change of season, but not 4+ months of winter, Charlotte is the place.  Charlotte gets about 1 month of winter.  In truth, we typically only have a handful of days annually that it does not get above freezing throughout the day.  Today, it was just above freezing, tomorrow will be sunny and mid 40's and Friday will be Sunny and near 60 again.</p><p>Yes, for the snowfall, many places closed early and schools were cancelled.  Yes, for an inch of snow.   Many are surprised but it is the safest and best thing to do.  Keep in mind that if your only snowfall is an inch a winter, you do gain experience driving in the snow.  Now add school buses and School Bus Drivers.  It would not be wise to place kids on a school bus with a driver with minimal experience driving is snow.</p><p>How about snow removal?  Each piece of Snow Removal equipment costs a lot of tax payer money.  If you purchased a vehicle that you used once a year, how reliable do you think it would be if that one time a year you tried to run it for 16 or 24 hours straight.  Starting up a vehicle and running it for 10 minutes simply can not compare.<span style="font-size:10pt;"> </span></p><p>How about universal use trucks?  There are a couple handful of vehicles in the greater Charlotte area that are utilized when we do have a snow fall but this is only on the main roads. <span style="font-size:10pt;"> </span></p><p><span style="font-size:10pt;">I am northern by birth but southern by choice.  This is not to disrespect the north and much of my family still resides up north,  After you live here, you will realize the difference.  Everything seems so new, property taxes are low, cars do not really rust, the weather is great, the business energy is positive, and I could go on and on.  The greater Charlotte area is a great place to call "home".  We have a wide variety of homes and neighborhoods.   People smile and wave when they see you even driving through their neighborhoods.  Southern hospitality is a reality and your smile will be treated in kind.  Charlotte Real Estate offers something for everyone.  Your Charlotte home awaits; after you make your decision, you will wonder what took you so long.  Every year of your life is important.  Are you getting the most out of life?  Welcome to Charlotte!</span></p><img src="" width="1" height="1">charlotte real estateCharlotte homesCharlotte WeatherWhy are Homes "Under Contract" still shown on my search?, 19 Dec 2013 20:33:00 GMT58b9c248-7d71-4289-bd75-42d12c23cee8:3596361Rick Waite0<p>It is very frustrating to many perspective home buyers to see a home, fall in love and then find that the home is already under contract.  Then why is it still advertised?</p><p>There is actually an intelligent reason for this.  Many people monitor a given home until they are actually ready to buy or to see if the price gets reduced (like the home but not at the current list price).  In the Carolina Multiple List System (CMLS), when a home goes under contract (a signed contract), the home is typically changed to "UCS" (Under Contract Show).  It remains as UCS until inspections/repairs are agreed upon and financing has reached a point of approval.  This time period is called the "Due Diligence Period".  </p><p>You can technically schedule to visit the home (if the seller will approve the showing) but since home is already under contract, you are unable to actually purchase the home.  There is one caveat: you could place a back up offer or "if" the current buyer decides to walk away.  This does not normally occur but it is possible.  The frustrating part is that "if" you see and fall in love with the home and it does close (like the vast majority of homes under contract) then you are set up for disappointment; nothing ever equals the one that got away. </p><p><span style="font-size:10pt;">So why are the "under contract homes" still displayed?   When anyone is watching homes and listings, many people save their potential favorites.  This allows the consumer to see when and if "their" favorite home goes under contract (as apposed to simply disappearing and scratching their heads).  It is helpful to also see the demand of the market as you see homes going under contract.   It is helpful after you understand how it operates but frustrating the first time you look.</span></p><p>The Charlotte MLS covers all of Charlotte and our neighboring Counties.  This includes areas like <a href="" title="Ballantyne Real Estate"><strong>Ballantyne Real Estate</strong></a>, <a href="" title="Weddington Real Estate"><strong>Weddington Real Estate</strong></a>, <a href="" title="Waxhaw Homes for Sale"><strong>Waxhaw Homes for Sale</strong></a>, <a href="" title="Fort Mill Real Estate"><strong>Fort Mill Homes for Sale</strong></a> and <a href="" title="Lake Norman Real Estate"><strong>Lake Norman Real Estate</strong></a>.  We cover a large area and have something for everyone.  Your ideal home will be available but you need to be ready to buy when you do find your ideal home.  Let me know how I can help.</p><img src="" width="1" height="1">ballantyne real estateFort Mill Homes for SaleWaxhaw Homes for SaleWeddington Real EstateCarolina MLSUnder ContractLake Norman Real EstateCharlotte's Housing Evolution: Southpark to Ballantyne, 24 Nov 2013 14:46:00 GMT58b9c248-7d71-4289-bd75-42d12c23cee8:3349254Rick Waite0 <p>To see the Charlotte Real Estate market evolve is a textbook study on housing, demand and ultimately the trends of Americans in the US.  Back in the early 1990's, Charlotte was what I would consider an incredible charming southern town.  Our economy just continued to grow!</p> <p>In the early 1990's, it was astounding to see so many young professionals in all of the apartment complexes throughout the Charlotte region.  People came from all across the US for opportunities.  Many already had jobs and many were seeking new opportunities.  At that time Southpark Mall was a nice mall but just your ordinary type mall with the typical anchor stores.  Then the transformation occurred; it seemed like overnight!  </p> <p>Southpark Mall continued to expand, increasing parking decks and updating the Mall.  As this was occurring, many office buildings were going up all around the area.  Before you realized, Southpark was the second largest employment center in Charlotte.  Back then is was still Downtown Charlotte which is/was the largest employment center of Charlotte.  Following this role, Ballantyne was being developed.</p> <p>Ballantyne was out in the country back in the 1990's.  Investors transformed a Hunting Preserve into the Ballantyne area with shopping and the <a href="" title="Ballantyne Country Club">Ballantyne Country Club</a>!   The first homes in Ballantyne Country Club sold in 1996!  The development began shortly after construction of I-485 began (the portion of I-485 between I-77 and US 521/Johnston Rd opened in 1994).  This fertile ground was ready for Ballantyne.  </p> <p>As subdivisions flourished in the area, corporate demand followed.  Ballantyne is now the place for national VIPs to stay in the Charlotte area.  Corporate Headquarters continue to move to Ballantyne in addition to Ballantyne schools having some of the top academics in the Charlotte region assure our future growth.</p> <p>Where exactly is Ballantyne?  Ballantyne is directly south of Uptown Charlotte.  Travel South off of I-485 at the Johnston Rd exit and you are in Ballantyne!</p> <p>Feel the energy and participate in our future success!  Ballantyne homes are in demand and as the remaining land is developed, <strong><a href="" title="Ballantyne Real Estate">Ballantyne Real Estate</a></strong> will mirror or exceed the value in Southpark over the next decade.  Southpark is an incredible place to live but currently beyond the budget of many.  The time to buy is now because our future value is inevitable!</p> <p> </p><img src="" width="1" height="1">ballantyne real estateBallantyne Country Club HomesSouthpark Homes for SaleCharlotte growthBallantyneListing Homes for Sale in 28277, 14 Nov 2013 15:23:00 GMT58b9c248-7d71-4289-bd75-42d12c23cee8:3278642Rick Waite0 <p><strong>Selling homes in 28277 and the greater South Charlotte area (Ballantyne)</strong> continue to do very well.  What makes a difference?  Your marketing.  Who is in charge of your marketing plan?  Your Realtor.  SO how do you compare (they all sound like sales people and blend together)?</p> <p><span style="font-size:10pt;"><strong>Preparing to sell</strong>:  The Ballantyne Real Estate market is in demand and most people in our market are not seeking to sell discounted homes.  You must have your home prepared for our market and neutralized to sell.  Within 28277, granite counter tops are expected and will help your home sell much faster and at a better price.  You will need to have the paint touched up, new caulking, removing many decorations and removing personal photos.</span></p> <p><strong>Photography:</strong>  Photography is an art.  You need to have the right equipment and your again must be properly equipped.  An ULTRA zoom lens is required.  Many Realtors will contract out the photos.  This is typically a one shot deal from a photographer and will not be the most ideal way to go.  The exterior of your home is the first and most important shot.  The sun must be right (proper weather and proper time of the day).  Your back yard is also important and will require another visit at another time in the day.</p> <p>There is no comparison from a wide and camera to an Ultra Wide angle photo.  During our listing appointment, I will show you the difference.</p> <p>A HUGE part of marketing will be the utilization of the Internet.  Ask for details.  What does using social media mean?  Your Realtor must be upfront about market value and also about marketing techniques.  Many Real Estate agencies will talk about their team.  This often means they rely on other agents to perform much of the work.  You deserve to know who you are really paying to do a job as opposed to have all of the work farmed out to someone else.  You deserve a hands on listing.</p> <p>If you are considering listing a home in 28277, 28104 or 28173, give me a call today; <strong>Rick Waite</strong> at <strong>704-770-6559</strong>.  I do list and sell homes in many other areas but these are my primary areas of focus.</p><img src="" width="1" height="1">Selling homes in 2827728277 Listing Agents28277 Realtorslisting homes to sell in 28277Ballantyne Expansion Continues at Rapid Pace!, 21 Oct 2013 14:19:00 GMT58b9c248-7d71-4289-bd75-42d12c23cee8:3133153Rick Waite0<p><span style="line-height:17px;font-family:arial, sans-serif;">As the economy stabilizes, the treasure of Ballantyne in 28277 is exploding!  The commercial growth in Ballantyne is a feeding frenzy.  Early in the year, Met Life shared its plans to move into Ballantyne and that was just the tip of the iceberg!  So who all is moving into the area?</span></p><p><span style="line-height:17px;font-family:arial, sans-serif;">The Publix Grocery Store in under construction on Johnston Rd and will be opening in 2014.  Publix focuses on quality and will be a direct competitor the the well established Harris Teeter grocery Stores that already dominate the Ballantyne area.  </span></p><p><font face="arial, sans-serif"><span style="line-height:17px;">Religious Institutions are growing within Ballantyne to fulfill the demand.  St Matthews Catholic Church is overflowing and is expanding south into Waxhaw.  A large portion of St Matthews Congregation reside in Waxhaw so this will help allow more members to enjoy the services.  <a href="" title="Waxhaw Real Estate"><strong>Waxhaw Real Estate</strong></a> borders South Charlotte and <a href="" title="South Charlotte Real Estate"><strong>South Charlotte Real Estate</strong></a> in Union county.  The Elevation Church just received approval for a new Church on Johnston Rd in Ballantyne and the Chabad Jewish Center recently opened on Bryants Farm Rd.  The demand for community continues!</span></font></p><p><font face="arial, sans-serif"><span style="line-height:17px;">A new active adult community is underway on Providence Rd just south of Ardrey Kell, a new Ryland Subdivision off of Providence Rd West, a new commercial/residential community is in the works east of Providence Rd at Ardrey Kell and The Range at Ballantyne will be just across the State line in Indian Land SC at 9883 Harrisburg Road, will feature a retail firearms store as well as an indoor training facility. </span></font></p><p> This is just an overview of some of the businesses and development coming to Ballantyne.<span style="font-size:10pt;"> The excitement and reputation of Ballantyne is strong!  The largest set back for Ballantyne has been the congestion on I-485 but the widening project is well under way!</span></p><p>If you are considering a home within <a href="" title="Ballantyne Real Estate"><strong>Ballantyne Real Estate</strong></a>, the time is now.  Our area is poised for additional expansion and teh Value of Balalntyne Real Estate will only increase!</p><div style="margin:0px;padding:0px;outline:0px;border:0px currentColor;border-image:none;width:1px;height:1px;overflow:hidden;font-family:sans-serif;font-size:10pt;vertical-align:baseline;"><br style="margin:0px;padding:0px;" />Read more here:</div><img src="" width="1" height="1">south charlotte real estateballantyne real estateBallantyne GrowthPrice Reduced on 545 Bertram, Fort Mill SC Homes for Sale, 11 Sep 2013 01:06:00 GMT58b9c248-7d71-4289-bd75-42d12c23cee8:2969355Rick Waite0 <p>Update:  The seller has taken this home off the market so this opportunity has now passed.  There are still many other great Fort Mill Homes for Sale.  Let's find the right one for you!   </p><p> </p><p><span id="LeadIn" style="font-weight:bold;">This is a steal!  545 Bertram Rd is only $252,000!  </span><span>Announcing a price reduction </span> <span>on 545 Bertram Rd, Fort Mill SC!  This home has a HUGE open floor plan, 3 bedrooms, a HUGE loft and space to breath!  This home sets in a cul-de-sac with a large private yard backing to a community natural area.  Now add the benefits of low Fort Mill property taxes (for residents) and incredible schools!</span></p> <p><a href="">Property information</a></p><p>Discover all that <a href="" title="Fort Mill Real Estate"><strong>Fort Mill Real Estate</strong></a> has to offer! </p> <img src="" width="1" height="1">Fort Mill Real estateFort Mill Homes for SaleSpicewood homes for Sale545 Bertram Rd2 Story For Sale in Lynton Place, 04 Sep 2013 19:16:00 GMT58b9c248-7d71-4289-bd75-42d12c23cee8:2951925Rick Waite0 <p class="summary" style="margin-top:0px;">This fantastic home at 7827 Quail Field Rd is just east of Charlotte and ready for you!  It is a <span>3 bdrm, 2 1/2 bath 2 story</span> home with a 1 car garage is listed at $125,000!  This home is very close to conveniences but nestled back in a peaceful community.  Relax on your back deck and enjoy your level fenced yard surrounded by nature!  This home was under contract and just came back on the market due to financing falling through!  </p><p class="summary" style="margin-top:0px;"> Ask about the 100% financing programs that apply!  Move in now, no down payment and begin building equity!<span style="font-size:10pt;"> </span></p> <p> <span class="dateline" id="LeadIn" style="font-weight:bold;">Lynton Place, Charlotte</span> </p> <p><a href="">Property information</a></p> <img src="" width="1" height="1">charlotte real estatecharlotte homes for sale7827 Quail Field RdLynton Place Homes for SalePrice Reduced on 140 Lavender Bloom Loop in Davidson Pointe, 01 Sep 2013 02:16:00 GMT58b9c248-7d71-4289-bd75-42d12c23cee8:2932555Rick Waite0 <p> <span id="LeadIn" style="font-weight:bold;">Davidson Pointe, Davidson</span> <span> - </span> <span>Announcing a price reduction </span> <span>on 140 Lavender Bloom Loop, a 2,748 sq. ft., 4 bath, 4 bdrm 2 story.  This is one of the most coveted Saussy Burbank neighborhoods; less than 2 miles from downtown Davidson but the benefit of Iredell County Property taxes.  A spectacular home!</span></p><p> </p><p><span>Now</span> <span id="Price_r" style="font-family:Verdana;font-size:10px;font-weight:bold;">MLS</span> <span id="Price_pl">$335,000</span> <span></span> - Priced to Sell!. </p> <p><a href="">Property information</a></p> <img src="" width="1" height="1">Davidson Real Estatedavidon Homes for SaleDavidson NC Homes for Sale140 Lavender Bloom LoopDavidson Point Homes for Sale129 Allison Dr in Enchanted Forest is Sold!, 23 Aug 2013 19:20:00 GMT58b9c248-7d71-4289-bd75-42d12c23cee8:2883024Rick Waite0 <p align="center" style="margin-left:10px;float:right;"> <img alt="Sold" border="0" id="Sold" src="" /> </p> <p style="margin-top:0px;"> <span id="LeadIn" style="font-weight:bold;">Enchanted Forest, Matthews - Union County</span> <span> - </span> <span>The single story at 129 Allison Dr has been sold.</span> This home within <strong><a href="" title="Matthews Homes">Matthews Real Estate</a></strong> was a great deal!  It was well maintained and move in ready!  It was on the market only a short time and had many offers.   As you consider selling your home in greater <a href="" title="South Charlotte Real Estate"><strong>South Charlotte Real Estate</strong></a>/<a href="" title="Ballantyne Homes">Ballantyne Real Estate</a> area, give me, <strong><a href="" title="Rick Waite Realtor">Rick Waite</a></strong> a call at 704-770-6559.  I am here to help. </p> <p> <a href="">Property information</a> </p> <img src="" width="1" height="1">Real EstateFor SaleMatthews Homes for SaleMatthews HomesBallantyne RealtorMatthews RealtorMarvin Homes for Sale, 22 Aug 2013 23:39:00 GMT58b9c248-7d71-4289-bd75-42d12c23cee8:2875633Rick Waite0 <p>Marvin NC Homes remains one of the greater Charlotte Real Estate's most popular Charlotte area suburbs.  Marvin is south of Charlotte and the <strong><a href="" title="Ballantyne Homes for Sale">Ballantyne Real Estate</a></strong> area just over the County line in Union County.  <strong><a href="" title="Marvin Homes for Sale">Marvin Homes for Sale</a></strong> and the entire Marvin area reflects this prestige and demand.  There are a wide variety of Marvin subdivisions; each with its own character.  Firethorne Country Club for the avid golfer, Providence Downs South for an incredible Custom Marvin Home within a large neighborhood with an incredible amenity center, Walden Pond for a more relaxed atmosphere and numerous others.</p> <p>Contact me, Rick Waite today via email or call directly at 704-779-6559 for immediate assistance in the greater <strong><a href="" title="South Charlotte Homes for Sale">South Charlotte Real Estate</a></strong> area.  Marvin Homes await! </p><img src="" width="1" height="1">marvin real estateMarvin HomesHome in MarvinMarvin Homes for SaleIndian Land and fort Mill Homes: 2407 Edward Ave in Belair at Carolina Lakes is Sold!, 08 Aug 2013 16:45:00 GMT58b9c248-7d71-4289-bd75-42d12c23cee8:2791783Rick Waite0 <p align="center" style="margin-left:10px;float:right;"> <img alt="Sold" border="0" id="Sold" src="" /> </p> <p style="margin-top:0px;"> <span id="LeadIn" style="font-weight:bold;">Belair at Carolina Lakes, Fort Mill Real Estate (Lancaster County)</span> <span> - </span> <span>The beautiful single  story Fort Mill Home at 2407 Edward Ave has been sold.</span> The home was a great deal for the perfect sized home!  This home could have been yours if you would have made the decision sooner!  Interest rates are climbing and so are prices.  Life is too short to have regrets.  </p><p style="margin-top:0px;"><strong>Call me, Rick Waite, today at 704-770-6559</strong> and let's find the ideal home! <a href="" title="Fort Mill Homes for Sale">Fort Mill Real Estate</a> has a lot to offer as does all greater <a href="" title="Charlotte Homes for Sale">Charlotte Homes for Sale</a>.  Let's find that home! </p> <p> <a href="">Property information</a> </p> <img src="" width="1" height="1">Real EstateFort Mill Real estatecharlotte real estatecharlotte homes for saleFort Mill Homes for SaleHomes for Sale