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Union County Schools Redrawing District Lines

Union County NC is adjusting to growing pains.  The northwestern section of Union County has grown tremendously over the past 10 years.  We had thousands of young families relocate to Union County and the population boom continues!  This includes Weddington, Marvin, Waxhaw, Wesley Chapel and Indian Trail.  Why?  Low Property taxes, convenience to South Charlotte/Ballantyne and largely because of our great schools!  

During the national recession, the pace of building slowed although there were and are once again many plans for new homes and subdivisions.  The population boom from 2004 through 2008 dramatically increased our population and continues to strain our school system.  So how did we get here?

Before 2006, we Northwest Union County had Weddington High School and Sun Valley High School.  We were in the midst of a population explosion (one of the fastest growing Counties in the nation) and school expansion was in work.  The Weddington and Wesley Chapel areas are experiencing the largest impact in the redistricting.

How did we get here.  Union County has been working to absorb the influx on students over the past decade.  In 2006/07, Marvin Ridge High School opened to help handle this increased demand.  In 2009/10 Cuthbertson High School opened and all was well.  The school district established lines to accommodate all of the students.  

The challenge was many new families that recently relocated were still having children and the children were not yet of school age.  The kids are now of school age and adjustments are being made to assure classrooms will not be over crowded.  So what is the best solution?  Mobile classrooms for a temporary fix?  This is very popular with many residents which is understandable.  The challenge is the problem of overcrowding is permanent which would indicate a more permanent plan needs to be implemented.

There is no way to change district lines without impacting lives.  Parkwood High School serves Waxhaw and southwest Union County which still has a lot of rural communities.  Sun valley High School is to the east of Weddington and also has extra capacity.  These schools will be gaining students from the over crowded schools.  When relocating to a rapidly expanding area, this can be expected but no one wants to add instability to their child's life; especially a child that was recently relocated hundreds of miles and was adjusting well. 

The stability of all of the children within our community is essential.  Yes, we must accept reality that there is a reason everyone is relocating to Weddington, Marvin and Waxhaw.  We are conveniently located, great schools and low property taxes.  As Ballantyne and South Charlotte continue to increase in density, so will Union County and the positive growth will continue throughout Union County.


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