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Why does a Realtor not call after I register?

This is a common complaint from potential home buyers/sellers.  Why Doesn't a Realtor Call After You Register?  Why have you register in the first place?  Why is the search not "free"?  These are questions many buyers/sellers encounter daily and are frustrated.  There are reasons.

For an effective website, it takes $1,000's of dollars every year to maintaining a website.  It takes a lot of time and money so that you can see my website as opposed to the millions of other sites.  Websites are marketing tools so you, the consumer, can actually find "me" out on 9000+ Realtors in the greater Charlotte Real Estate market.  When you spend so much on marketing, you need to have a way of recovering your investment.

If Realtors spend so much money, why do they not call?  Many people will register as they begin considering a Charlotte relocation.  In truth, most are still in the evaluating phase and on a fact finding mission.  They are not ready to speak with a Realtor yet.  Looking at potential homes is often the first step and the potential client learns about what is important to them.  This could be convenience for work, schools, property taxes, types of homes, religious organizations, shopping, etc..  You need space and time.  I respect that.

 There are a lot of National real estate websites and they also have you register.  Ultimately, they sell your information to random Realtors who agree to pay them in advance for potential home buyers/sellers.  Registering for these sites is more like a wildcard; your never know who you get.

I work with Prostead Realty and have been a full time Realtor for 8+ years.  I have learned that years in any profession alone does not constitute wisdom or learning.  As you read on in my blogs or my website (all written by me), that I am passionate about Real Estate.  It is imperative to find the right home in the right location.  I am here to help.


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