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Charlotte Snowfall!

First, when assessing an area, everything is relative.  Charlotte has many residents from across the nation and across the globe.  When consider Charlotte fro a home, weather is always a large factor.  Yesterday, January 28th, we had our first (and likely only) snowfall this winter.  The new channels spoke about it for days and continue to follow the story.  Perspective:  I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA.  We had several hours of snow flurries and in South Charlotte, the snow accumulated to about 1 inch.  Many would term that as a "dusting".  

Charlotte enjoys four seasons and leaves change in the fall,  Our winters are very mild.  Yes, we typically get 1 snowfall (or an Ice Storm on a more rare occasion) once a year. If you like the change of season, but not 4+ months of winter, Charlotte is the place.  Charlotte gets about 1 month of winter.  In truth, we typically only have a handful of days annually that it does not get above freezing throughout the day.  Today, it was just above freezing, tomorrow will be sunny and mid 40's and Friday will be Sunny and near 60 again.

Yes, for the snowfall, many places closed early and schools were cancelled.  Yes, for an inch of snow.   Many are surprised but it is the safest and best thing to do.  Keep in mind that if your only snowfall is an inch a winter, you do gain experience driving in the snow.  Now add school buses and School Bus Drivers.  It would not be wise to place kids on a school bus with a driver with minimal experience driving is snow.

How about snow removal?  Each piece of Snow Removal equipment costs a lot of tax payer money.  If you purchased a vehicle that you used once a year, how reliable do you think it would be if that one time a year you tried to run it for 16 or 24 hours straight.  Starting up a vehicle and running it for 10 minutes simply can not compare. 

How about universal use trucks?  There are a couple handful of vehicles in the greater Charlotte area that are utilized when we do have a snow fall but this is only on the main roads.  

I am northern by birth but southern by choice.  This is not to disrespect the north and much of my family still resides up north,  After you live here, you will realize the difference.  Everything seems so new, property taxes are low, cars do not really rust, the weather is great, the business energy is positive, and I could go on and on.  The greater Charlotte area is a great place to call "home".  We have a wide variety of homes and neighborhoods.   People smile and wave when they see you even driving through their neighborhoods.  Southern hospitality is a reality and your smile will be treated in kind.  Charlotte Real Estate offers something for everyone.  Your Charlotte home awaits; after you make your decision, you will wonder what took you so long.  Every year of your life is important.  Are you getting the most out of life?  Welcome to Charlotte!

Posted: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 5:02 PM by Abby Nelson


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