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July 2011 - Posts

Why don't sellers simply "rent" their Charlotte homes?
I continue to get phone calls from renters asking for sellers to rent their homes. Renting out your home is more complex than many renters realize. First, people are moving for a reason. It could be for a job relocation, shorter commute, need a larger Read More...
Why is a "Short Sale" called a "Short Sale" when it takes so long?
Why does a "short sale" take so long and why do they call it a "short sale"? The short sale is when a the seller owes more on the home than the current market value. The Bank/Mortgage Company is then asked to accept the loss. The lender Read More...
Lake Norman/Charlotte Area maps and Westport??
I have noticed that many Charlotte area maps have been copied form the same source. Most of these maps has "Westport" on the west side of Lake Norman . Westport is not a city or a town but a subdivision. It was initially constructed back in Read More...