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Charlotte Foreclosure Market

The Charlotte Foreclosure Real Estate market continues to sell at an unbelievable pace.  It is incredible to see the level of Charlotte Home Buying activity in this sector.  When a Charlotte Foreclosure is active on the Charlotte MLS, there are typically multiple offers within the first week.  Naturally there are variables that dictate the demand.  First is the price range.

The majority of Charlotte Foreclosure buyers are seeking homes for less than $200,000.  Charlotte Foreclosures in higher price ranges are taking longer (and thus deeper discounts) largely due to the more stringent lending standards.  Homes in more challenged neighborhoods are now also selling rapidly with Charlotte First time home buyers.  Since the first time home buyer credit has been extended, this demand continues.

It is amazing to see the price differential between the list price of Charlotte Foreclosures and the actual sales price.  The sales prices are averaging over 90% of the list price.  Some are technically better deals than others.  For example, the "deal" is largely based on the resale.  There are many variables to consider.  Is the particular neighborhood still experiencing Charlotte Foreclosures.  Recent history will provide an ideal gauge of future foreclosures.  The national economic turn around will be the great unknown dictating the quick turn around.  I would not recommend a "quick turn" strategy for your Charlotte Foreclosure.  The discounts are typically not that much better than the retail market and short term profits will not be great. 

If you are looking to relocate to Charlotte then perhaps a Charlotte Foreclosure will work for you and your family.  You can purchase a home at 2005 prices and have a great affordable place to call home.

Call today for a customized Charlotte Foreclosure Search.  Foreclosure listings are free and I will assist you all along the way.  I am very familiar with the foreclosure market and am here to assist.

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Published Sunday, November 29, 2009 9:56 PM by Rick Waite

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