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Many people from areas like Florida are seeking Charlotte Real Estate Gated Communities.  In truth there are no many gated communities in Charlotte.  Charlotte suburbs are really still quite rural so the need/demand is not for Charlotte Gated Communities.  Basically, there is not a huge population base to worry about so there is not the criminal threat is minimal.  Yes, crime can happen anywhere but it tends to be focused on more desperate areas and not in the suburbs.

Two of our Charlotte Real Estate suburbs gated neighborhoods are Providence Downs South and Longview.  Each are distinctively different.  Providence Downs South Real Estate offers a huge variety of Charlotte Custom Home located just south of South Charlotte and Ballantyne Real Estate.  Providence Downs South has lots sizes approximately .5 acres and a fantastic amenity center with an exercises room and more.  The pool has a soft winding river for relaxation at the pool.

Longview homes are located in a golf course community with old world style architecture.  The neighborhood is breath taking.  If you are looking to live in Charlotte Luxury housing, the consider Charlotte Real Estate in Longview.  Both Longview and Providence Downs South have great Charlotte NC homes just outside of the South Charlotte area. They both attend the Marvin Ridge.  Longview is a neighborhood build in in world architecture and the homes are more a reflection of the older world architecture.  The Longview clubhouse will let you know that you have arrived a at a new standard of living.

Request a customized Charlotte Gated Community search and we will find that ideal Charlotte Real Estate home for you and yours.  Visit Charlotte Real Estate - Charlotte NC Homes for Sale to learn more about Charlotte Homes for Sale.

Published Wednesday, November 18, 2009 11:45 PM by Rick Waite

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