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Frequently Asked Questions about our Schools

1)  Where are the great schools in Charlotte?  Everyone has a different opinion on "Great" and Charlotte Real Estate has schools that will meet every definition.  Are you seeking great academics?  Sports opportunities? Special programs?  Private Schools?  Help me help you.

2)  I have the names of my new schools, how do I discover their academic ratings?

Visit NC Report Cards

Select the county for the school (Hint: Charlotte is listed under Charlotte Mecklenburg).

Select the specific school of interest.

Click on the tab for “High Student Performance”

Here you can compare how each school is performing on the standardized testing.

3)  I have an address my potential Charlotte home.  How do I find the schools that my children will be assigned?

Click on the link for either “Charlotte Mecklenburg School Assignments” or “Union County School Assignments” (both are in green). 

4)  How do I determine the school district maps for the schools my child is assigned?

CMS changes the web address for the district maps every year.  This makes it a challenge to keep up with the exact location within their website. The 2008/09 school year has the maps at  Individual school maps are  located from this page.  Keep in mind that there are new schools opening and changes occur every year.

5)  Charlotte "Exceptional Children Programs"?

Charlotte "Exceptional Children Programs" changes their web address regularly  It can still be found through the regular CMS Website via the "Search" bar on the upper right hand corner.  Give me a call and I can help.

6)  My Elementary School academics are great but the High School is not very good.  Why?

An Elementary school is effectively a neighborhood school.  A high school consists of several Elementary Schools "feeding" into it.  There are likely to be some challenged Elementary schools feeding into your high school.  The High School will offer a more rounded and diverse educational experience for your child.

7)  Union County School Assignments:

Union County School Assignments

8)  South Carolina Report Cards:

SC Report Cards

Pull up the County (MecklenburgCounty is actually listed as Charlotte-MecklenburgCounty). Then click “GO”. 

Click on the link for the school in question.

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